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Udemy Course Certificate and LinkedIn

First off, thank you for your continued participation in my courses on Udemy. Everyday I check my QA box, in my courses, and find loads of great questions. Keep your questions and comments coming!

As many of you already know, when you complete a Udemy course, 100%, you'll receive a certificate of completion. You can get access to this certificate from the main page of the course. Just open the course and look towards the top of the screen.

​Next to the progress bar is a trophy icon. This icon will turn green once you have completed 100% of the course and the certificate is ready for you to view, download and/or share with others.


While viewing your well earned certificate, you'll find a SHARE link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click the SHARE link and you can post it to Facebook, Tweet and/or share it with your LinkedIn connections.

I've had the privilege of sharing my courses, on Udemy, with nearly 70k students and seen many share their accomplishments by sharing their certificate of completion. Its been fun reading comments of congratulations, LIKES received and re-posts.


What are you waiting for? If you've completed 100% of the course, take a really quick moment and let the world know of your accomplishments. Its quick and simple to do!

If your making progress to 100% completion, keep up the good work and continue developing your new skill sets. Once you're complete, don't forget to let the world know.

See you in the course!

*** As always, take a really quick moment and let me know what you think of the course by leaving the course a review. You will find the option to leave a review directly above the progress bar, see the STARS...