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NEW COURSE! Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting

I'm excited to announce that I have a new Microsoft Excel course in the pipeline. I plan on having it released before the end of Oct. 2017, called...

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting

Below are the first few videos introducing the course and what you will learn.

What's Included in the Course?

I have designed this course to take you from raw data to a completed, interactive dashboard. I'll guide you through effective data analysis and data clean-up, including:

  • Text Functions

  • Array Functions

  • Formatting as Table

  • and more...

Once the data is cleaned up, I will then guide you through creating a dynamic dashboard to use for reporting.

  • Lookup Functions

  • Subtotal Functions

  • Filtering Data

  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

  • Buttons and Drop Down Menus

  • and a little VBA

Along the way, I've included exercise files you can download and practice along with me.

Send Me a Message

With each of the course I produce, I am constantly looking to provide to the best experience for my students. At any point, please feel free to send me a message with questions and feedback that you may have. You can contact me through this site or within my courses I produce on Udemy. Thank you!