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Use Microsoft Excels Camera Tool with Formulas

Everyday I take some time to get through the questions I get in my online courses. I enjoy getting questions for a couple of reasons.

  • Asking questions means that the person asking is learning.

  • I get to make more videos!!

I'd like to share one of the questions that I've been asked a lot. It deals with working with a list of Excel data, creating formulas summarizing the data and then filtering the list.

In the above example, we have a formula in cell I4 that SUMS up the Total Sales column if the CATEGORY is equal to "Rent".

What happens if the list is then Filtered? Note the Region that row 3 and 4, the rows that the formula data is found within, have been assigned.

In the above example, I've filtered the list to display just the "South" records. All other records/rows, including the rows that our formula was located in, have been filtered out.

How do you solve this issue??

Microsoft Excel has a lesser known feature called the Camera Tool that can help. Take a look at the following video for a demonstration.

Download the exercise file to follow along: DatabaseFunctions-Camera-01