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PowerPoint Office 365 New Morph Transition

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in PowerPoint Office 365. This is a subscription feature through Office 365.


The Morph Transition allows the creator to create smooth animations for objects on the slide. This is accomplished by creating the original slide then duplicating the slide, making adjustments to the objects on the duplicate and then applying the morph transition. The audience will see what looks like one slide, but the Morph transition is providing the smooth animation between two slides.

  1. Create original Slide

  2. Duplicate the slide

  3. Modify duplicate, i.e. move objects, change color, size, etc...

  4. Apply Transitions -- Morph

  5. Preview presentation

Download exercise file to practice -- Office 365 PowerPoint New Features.pptx

Completed Exercise File -- Office 365 PowerPoint New Features-COM.pptx

TIP -- If you plan on morphing one shape to another between slides, make sure you use the shape naming convention using the double exclamation marks. !!Shape01

Both shapes on each slide need the same name, beginning with the !!