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Microsoft Announces a New XLOOKUP Function for Excel

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Microsoft announced a brand new function for Microsoft Excel called the XLOOKUP(). This function provides an enhanced method of looking up information and overcomes the limitations that the popular VLOOKUP() function has. XLOOKUP()

XLOOKUP is named for its ability to look both vertically and horizontally.

XLOOKUP(lookup_value,lookup_array,return_array, [match_mode], [search_mode])

  • lookup_value: What you are looking forlookup_array: Where to find it

  • return_array: What to return

  • [match_mode]: Allows you to set the type of match you’d like to perform

  • [search_mode]: Lets you configure the type and direction of search

Exercise File: Download the file used in the video to practice:

Download XLSX • 30KB

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