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Microsoft Excel's Pretty New "TOCOL" Function

The TOCOL Function takes an array of data and turns it into a Column of data.

You can also nest the TOCOL function with other functions like the SORT and UNIQUE Functions.


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=TOCOL(array, [ignore], [scan_by_column])

The TOCOL function syntax has the following arguments:

-- array The array or reference to return as a column.

-- ignore Whether to ignore certain types of values. By default, no values are ignored. Specify one of the following:

0 Keep all values (default)

1 Ignore blanks

2 Ignore errors

3 Ignore blanks and errors

-- scan_by_column Scan the array by column. By default, the array is scanned by row. Scanning determines whether the values are ordered by row or by column.


Download XLSX • 20KB

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